Nu-Tone Recording - Drum Session #4

Drum cOVER.png

Nu-Tone Recording - Drum Session #4 with Tom Altemus. 

Multi-Tracks and Samples can be downloaded here

Drums were printed through Distressors, Overstayer MAS, Overstayer VCA, and Undertone Audio EQ. I provided my processed drum stems, so you can analyze the characteristics of the individual pieces of gear and settings. 

I find "modern" drum samples are over processed. This makes matching phase and getting sounds to sit naturally with my drum recordings difficult. I hope these more natural sounding samples can fit into your productions and help bring new life to the songs you're creating. 

Kick - Shure Beta 52 / Soundelux u95s > Chandler TG-2 > Manley Pultec

Snare - Shure Sm57 - Chandler Germ > Manley Pultec

Floor - 421 > Chandler Germ > UA-610 EQ

Overheads - u47 > UTA Mic Pre and EQ

Lounge - Royer 121 > Overstayer MAS > UA-610 EQ

Please feel free to reach out with questions, or send mixes you might use some of these sounds on.

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